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See this photo? That’s my son, in front of my office wall, with the list of bills that I worked on this 2018 legislative session. Unfortunately, most of these important issues such as paid family leave, healthy food access, and Medicaid dental coverage failed to pass. Despite having one-party control, Hawaii’s bill passage rate is very low. Why? Because far too often, our elected officials put politics and corporate interests before people first. 

I am running for my family and yours. Because our children deserve to have the best future possible. To graduate from college without worrying about debt, to earn a competitive wage so that they can afford a home, live comfortably, and put money aside for the future.  Let’s face it, people are leaving Hawai‘i in search of a more affordable life on the mainland. How many years have gone by and we’re still struggling, we’re still underfunding our schools, we’re building for the rich, and we’re ignoring what everyday people have to say? This is not the future that I want for our children.

As someone running for office for the first time, I represent a new generation that will challenge the status quo. Enough with the same old promises, the same old approach to policy change. If elected, my office will be shared with you, because I want you to be involved in policy decisions and because you matter.

Trish La Chica

Meet Trish

I’m Trish La Chica and I am running for State Representative of House District 36 – Mililani, Mililani Mauka, Waipio Acres.
This is why:

I want to change the outcome for my son and future generations.

I worry about my son’s future. Will he understand why active shooter drills in school are now necessary? Will he be able to start a career without student-loan debt? Will he be able to purchase his first home? Will he take care of my husband and I when we grow old? As your Representative, I will work hard to keep our keiki safe, healthy, and ready for the future. If things are left unchanged, I worry that my son won’t stand a chance.

I want government to share responsibility and take action.

In my current role as a Policy and Advocacy Director for a nonprofit, I have experienced firsthand how good policy solutions and ideas come to die each legislative session. Through the years, I have brought over 200 youth leaders to our State Capitol to advocate for policies that will benefit their generation. Yet year after year, I see how very few of our lawmakers are moved by their engagement. As your Representative, I will ensure that keiki, kupuna, and communities become a recognized policy voice in the legislature.

I am here to serve, stand up, and fight.

When I announced my intention to run for office, I was immediately told that having the desire to serve was not enough. That I cannot run without money or without declaring my support for certain politicians. My entire life, I have worked hard to fight for what is right. As a journalist, I fought to expose political corruption and the exploitation of resources. With my policy work, I have fought to keep Big Tobacco away from our youth and advocated to improve the health of our most vulnerable communities. As your Representative, I will fight to put our community needs first.

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1. School safety and emergency preparedness

We will invest in school staffing, infrastructure, programs, and services to ensure that our kids feel safe and nurtured. We will provide our parents and community with opportunities to prepare, plan, and stay informed on changes to our schools. When disaster strikes, we know that we cannot wait for government to do everything. We will ensure that the community is prepared and ready to help one another, including people of all ages with various access and needs. We will provide training opportunities for preparedness, first aid, and response skills.

2. Traffic relief improvements

We will ensure we are involving the community in decisions to build new neighborhoods in Central Oahu and that we prioritize the necessary roadway and intersection improvements to mitigate traffic. Surrounding neighborhoods must be given enough time to prepare for any disruption in their commutes. We will invest in multimodal access to public transportation that include walking, bicycling, and riding feeder public transportation systems (e.g., taking the bus to connect to rail at a station), so that all generations may benefit.

3. Stop gender bias, abuse, and violence

We will work on reforms to the justice system to strengthen the state and counties’ ability to respond timely to domestic violence cases and to increase offender accountability. We will support efforts to train teachers and staff and inform parents about prevention of child sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

4. Increasing voter turnout

Hawaii consistently has the lowest voter turnout in the nation. We will support automatic voter registration to reduce underrepresentation from first-time or less-frequent voters. We will support measures to make it easier for residents to vote early. We will promote public funding for elections that would allow small-amount individuals/donors to support candidates versus relying on wealthy corporations, super PACS, and interest groups to fund political campaigns.

5. Economic security for the next generation

No one should have to work full time and still struggle to make ends meet. Our children deserve the best future possible. To graduate from college without worrying about debt, to earn a competitive wage so that they can afford a home, basic necessities, and put money aside for the future. We are going to raise wages to keep up with rising costs and generate wealth that flows back into the economy. We are going to address staffing shortages experienced in schools, government, healthcare, and public safety to avoid burnout and turnover. We are going to secure a future for all workers, to be able to afford basic needs, to have the ability to take leave to care for a newborn or parent, and to make it easy to retain and keep employees.

6. Youth tobacco prevention - smoking & vaping

The tobacco industry continues to pour millions of marketing dollars targeting our youth and low-income communities. Now, vape products are becoming the next generation cigarette. The influence of Big Tobacco has to stop. We will strongly support laws to protect our youth from the onslaught of marketing and availability of tobacco and e-cigarette products.

7. Innovations in health-care and long-term care

In 8 years, a family of 4 is expected to pay $42,000 a year in healthcare. We will shift our investments to move beyond the clinical walls to address social needs, such as food insecurity, housing, and transportation. We will support a model that brings health services to the community, that improves our zipcode so that there’s access to affordable healthy food, safe sidewalks for our children to play and walk to school, and opportunities for our elderly to enjoy aging in place. We will continue to support innovative models such as the kupuna caregivers program and long-term care insurance that helps to care for the most costly clients in our health care system and allow them to age with dignity.

8. Sustainable and responsible development

The future of our children and their children depends upon a shared responsibility to mitigate the effects of climate change and threats to our natural resources. We will support state and county action to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, protect our water, reduce waste, and grow more food for our islands. We will work with the counties in prioritizing high-density residential and mixed-use developments along the transportation/rail corridor and we will address staffing needs for the approval and review process to reduce admin burden and delay.

9. Equal opportunity for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders

Despite being one of the fastest growing racial groups after Asian Americans and Latinos, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders continue to face challenges accessing higher education, attaining affordable and quality healthcare, stabilizing jobs, and securing affordable housing. We will support measures to develop culturally appropriate education retention and recruitment programs that also encourage enrollment into higher education institutions, preserve funding for health and human services programs, create living-wage jobs, fund programs that address homeownership, small business ownership, and employment disparities, continue funding for culturally appropriate strategies for outreach, education, and preventive services directly through venues that service NHPI communities, such as federally qualified health centers and Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems.

10. Criminal justice reform

Our criminal justice system has failed our most vulnerable populations. Our prisons are overcrowded with more Native Hawaiians being locked up than any other population. As a result, we are sending them to for-profit prisons in Arizona or considering building a private prison. This is unnecessary and unjust. We will advocate funding for sentencing reform, reducing recidivism, decriminalize human trafficking, and help to prepare incarcerated persons for their return to society.


  • Proud mom to a toddler, dog, and cat

  • Neighborhood Board # 25 Member, Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu

  • District 36 Chair, Democratic Party

  • Master in Public Administration (MPA), University of San Francisco

  • Policy and Advocacy Director, Hawaii Public Health Institute

  • Policy Analyst, Office of the Governor

  • Investigative Journalist

  • 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World, Filipina Women’s Network 2015

  • Contributing author, DISRUPT 2.0. Filipina Women: Daring to Lead

  • I just started writing about my little family as we work hard, travel often, maintain a home, and stay active:

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