Trish La Chica

Trish La Chica

For State House

District 37 Mililani / Waipio Gentry / Koa Ridge

Trish La Chica is a trusted leader who prioritizes her constituents, ensures all voices are heard, and works tirelessly to ensure that our community remains the best place to live and raise our families.

Experience and Commitment Matters:
Elect Trish for a Second Term, on Saturday, August 10th.

Trish La Chica
PBS Insights Candidates Forum

Mahalo PBS Hawaii for having me on INSIGHTS for the District 37 Candidate Forum! I’m grateful to engage in thoughtful discussion about what our community and state can accomplish when we work together 💙

Some highlights for me:

  • Sharing what motivates me to serve my community and why I work so hard to ensure all voices in our district are heard, represented, and valued
  • Talking about our efforts to increase civic participation among our youth and how to get young people excited about our political process
  • Sharing my ideas for what the Legislature can do to help working families and stimulate our economy beyond the historic tax relief measures, which I supported this past session
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A Vote for TLC,
is a Vote for Community

Trish La Chica for State House is a grassroots campaign built by community and everyday people who believe that Trish is a different kind of leader who finds solutions, builds coalitions, and accomplishes real results.

Meet Trish La Chica
  • Executive Director, Office of Housing and Homelessness, City & County of Honolulu
  • Community and Government Relations Manager, AlohaCare
  • Policy & Advocacy Director, Hawaii Public Health Institute
  • Policy Analyst, Office of Governor David Ige, State of Hawaii
  • Community Engagement Specialist, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum
  • Journalist, ABS-CBN, Manila, Philippines
Community Involvement
  • Vice Chair, West Oahu Subarea Health Planning Council (current)
  • Chair, District 37, Democratic Party of Hawaii (current)
  • Board Member, Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu Neighborhood Board 25 (past)
  • Board Member, Mililani Town Association (past)
  • Delegate, Filipino Young Leaders Program (past)
  • Volunteer, Oahu Homeless Point in Time Count (past)
Trish's Story

Trish La Chica is the State Representative for District 37 proudly serving Mililani Town, Mililani Mauka, Waipio Gentry and Koa Ridge. As representative, Trish has advocated for better public transportation options for the district, successfully pushed for the regulation of e-cigarettes to protect our youth, and brought in funding to improve our schools and address homelessness. Trish currently serves as the Vice Chair for the House Committee on Education.

Prior to joining the legislature, Trish spent over 15 years in leadership roles working for non-profit organizations, as well as state and county government in areas such as health, Medicaid, housing, and homelessness. Her passion for advocacy began as an investigative journalist in Manila, where she produced documentaries that shed light on the daily struggles of Filipino families and fought against corruption.

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Trish is already in the trenches at the Capitol, advocating for the public policies we need and creating solutions for our community, working families, and keiki. As Representative, she has united our community for neighborhood safety, restored school bus services, cleared the Kipapa gulch homeless encampment, and safeguarded our keiki from the harms caused by e-cigarettes.

Serving the Community

Trish is dedicated to putting her community first. Visit her official legislative website to learn more about her work and accomplishments as well as to submit constituent concerns and inquiries.



Prioritizing the Safety and Well-Being of our Community: Collaborate with law enforcement agencies to implement community policing, promote transparency, and improve relations between law enforcement and residents. Advocate for effective emergency response systems and disaster preparedness plans to safeguard our community during unforeseen crises. Additionally, work to address substance abuse issues through evidence-based prevention and treatment programs, helping families affected by addiction find support and recovery resources.

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Trish La Chica

For State House

District 37 Mililani / Waipio Gentry / Koa Ridge

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