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Incumbents are favored in lackluster election cycle

As vice chair of the House Education Committee last session, La Chica said she was able to “focus on a lot of issues that are important to our students, our parents, our educators and all the things that are important to me as a mom with two school-age kids. … Like many others, we’re a working family affected by the day-to-day issues that impact our community. I’m working to make sure our kids have a better future.”

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‘The Kids Feel Miserable’ But There’s No End In Sight For Hawaii’s School Bus Shortage

Trish La Chica, vice chair of the House Education Committee, said she’s hopeful the bills will offer families more transportation options in the new school year. Students can't fully focus on their classes if they're worried about their safety or ride home from school, she said.

“This issue directly impacts thousands of students,” La Chica said. “The kids feel miserable.”

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‘Abusive’ Lawsuits, Early Child Care Lead Hawaii Women’s Caucus Package Of Bills

Under proposed House and Senate companion bills now pending at the Hawaii Legislature, a court would be granted the authority to restrict what is described as “abusive litigation” from someone who has abused, stalked or sexually assaulted another party.

“It creates a tool for the state and for the courts to be able to prohibit abusive litigation,” said the bill’s lead introducer, Rep. Trish La Chica. “It’s really a tactic that abusers continue to use to harass their victims of domestic violence.”

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Beth Fukumoto: Day 1 Of The Legislative Session: 'Buzzing With Energy'

Rep. Trish La Chica said her office was “buzzing with energy” and listed a slate of policy goals for the next 60 legislative days. And, as she points out, “It will be our first opportunity to deliver on issues that directly impact the district.”

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Here's what state lawmakers are prioritizing for education this legislative session

House Education Committee Vice Chair Trish La Chica said the top priorities are Lahaina's families, students, schools and prolonged issues, such as school transportation and recovery from learning loss.

"We're committed to action that prioritizes students' well-being, minimizes disruption, and ensures that their educational progress isn't hindered," La Chica said.

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Female carpenters enjoy good pay and mentoring

La Chica plans to introduce a bill to expand similar, pre-apprentice training programs in Hawaii high schools to help create more housing and “because Hawaii’s future and the ability for our youth to remain in Hawaii relies on an educated and skilled workforce. We’re going to need thousands of more jobs and we want them to be local jobs.”

She wants to retrofit more Hawaii high schools to provide on-site, hands-on training while partnering students with the construction industry to provide paid internships.

“We want to invest in their future by being able to start a life and career here with as little debt as possible,” La Chica said.

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Hawaii Legislators To Tackle School Safety Issues From Broken Fire Alarms To Evacuation Plans

The department encouraged students to take the city bus or Skyline rail to school, but Rep. Trish La Chica said families in her Central Oahu district were still scrambling to find viable transportation options.

The new vice chair of the House education committee plans to introduce a bill creating standards around how the department will address bus shortages in the future. In particular, La Chica said, she would like the department to offer families more advanced notice the next time bus routes are disrupted since not all students live within walking distance from their schools.

“Two weeks right before school starts is just unacceptable,” La Chica said.

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Workshop Prepares and Empowers Community Against Wildfires and Other Natural Disasters

“One goal is to bring the community together so they have the knowledge, tools, and resources so that, in the event of another wildfire or disaster, they can make informed decisions for themselves, their families, and their neighbors,” shared Rep. La Chica. “It’s about activating our communities to work together, take care of one another, and be prepared.”

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Army, DOT clear Kipapa Gulch encampment

La Chica said the cleanup is a positive example of how the state, military and community organizations can collaborate to address the homelessness problem on Oahu.

"The collective efforts to address the encampment, provide essential outreach services, and clear the remaining debris were only made possible through the coordinated efforts between U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii, state agencies, and Achieve Zero," she said. "This process represents the impact that similar partnerships can have in our community and I extend my deepest gratitude to our partners."

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Public transit commute sheds light on suspended school bus routes

"State Rep. Trish La Chica experienced firsthand what it takes for a student to get to Pearl City High School from Koa Ridge on TheBus now that the school bus route is suspended."

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Crime prevention at center of discussion in Central Oahu community meeting

State Rep. Trish La Chica of District 37 says safety is a high priority in the community.

"Clearly this is top of mind," she said. "And as a mom raising two kids, similar to many parents in our community. It’s a very high priority to us."

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Hawaii Rep. La Chica selected for Filipino leaders program

The state representative wants to find solutions to the impacts that poverty, corruption and political instability have on citizens' everyday lives.

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Hawaii Rep. Trish La Chica on advancing the local Filipino community

"Despite our significant presence here [in Hawaii], I feel that a lot of Filipinos still face a lot of challenges related to economic self-sufficiency – struggles with economic autonomy and securing positions of leadership," La Chica said.

One solution, La Chica added, would be to establish a conference for Filipino leaders in Hawaii to further promote economic development and sustainability, develop business relations and cultivate community growth.

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Midweek Central Oahu: Making a Call for Action on Crime, Safety

This legislative session, I introduced HCR162/SCR107, a resolution to expand crisis response teams to Central Oahu to help address the police staffing shortage.

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Hawaiʻi House lawmakers approve 77 Senate bills before second crossover deadline

"[SB975] is a measure that would regulate e-cigarettes as they remain to be the only tobacco product unregulated in the state." said Representative Trish La Chica (D-37, Portions of Mililani Town, Mililani Mauka, Koa Ridge, and Waipi'o Gentry).

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Gov. Green appoints Trish La Chica and Luke Evslin to fill vacant House seats

La Chica formerly served as the City and County of Honolulu executive director of the Mayor's Office of Housing and Homelessness in 2022 and as the community government relations manager at AlohaCare. She's also been a member of the Mililani Neighborhood Board.

During a Wednesday press conference, La Chica said she'd like to focus on lowering the cost of living and transportation needs.

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